Jock Athletic Arrives in the Digital Age

6th August 2014

Welcome to the New Age – T-bone Media

On Wednesday mornings for the past 2 years I have my golf morning. We don’t actually play golf, instead my mates and I run the sand hills (‘run’ is a fairly loose term) and then go for compulsory breakfast.  One of our members is Tony “Bone on Bone” Hindle. To say that Tony comes every week would be stretching it. Despite the session being at 8am every week, Tony miraculously has surprise appointments on at that time and can’t make training, but somehow always makes breaky. He has given me more excuses for not being able to make training than I have heard over 27years of coaching.  So we’ve started a book called Tony Hindle's Inspirational Book of Motivational Excuses. It has around 1000pages.

Tony may not be the most diligent of trainers, but he certainly is the expert in the digital world. His digital media agency, T-Bone Media, have put together our new website, taking us into the 21st century. As much as our golf group sledges Tony for his exercise adherence, Tony in return informs me of how useless our previous web site was. He said it looks great Jock, but it does nothing. Welcome to Tony’s new creation! He’s used to dealing with large companies like Toyota, Lexus America, Oporto’s, Just Cuts, and now he’s got the biggest fish Jock Athletic (that biggest fish comment is actually a joke!). We now have our magazine sitting on the website in a brand new format and the site is now a dynamic beast. Thanks Tony and crew for such a great job.

Now back to our golf sessions. It’s a mish-mash of ex-sport stars, old men, young athletes and a few average Joe’s. At the core however are Tony, Tim Freeburn, Darryl Tuffey and myself. We all take great delight in anticipating Tony’s next excuse, some of which have read, “I can’t do this - I’m bone on bone in my knees”, which later we found out to be untrue and from that Tim named him T-Bone-on-Bone Hindle. Others include, “I have tuck shop duty at Harry’s school”; “I have to meet at school about a counting house;” “I forgot I had a meeting”; “I forgot I booked golf in Vegas.. Malaysia.. Eritrea..” and my all time favourite, “my wife wouldn’t let me come.”

One thing that has struck me is that when he does actually occasionally turn up, and do very little he manages to capture it in film, promote it to the whole world that he was there and live off the session in promotions for the next 6 months. Exhibit A in our headline photo! He uses the great digital skills that he has through his company at work to make it look like he’s a seasoned pro.

So anyone wanting to discuss forward thinking ideas on how to get out of training, book an appointment with Tony.  He only takes appointments at one time during the week, 8-9am on a Wednesday, but he strictly has to be finished by 9 so he can make breakfast.  And while you’re meeting him ask what he can do digitally for your company – he’s the best in the business.

Thanks for the direction Tony Bone-on-Bone and thanks to your great crew at T-Bone for making the magic happen. Our new website is awesome and makes us look like experts in the digital world!