Physical Preparation for Cricketers

27th August 2018

Attention Cricketers: Regarding Physical Preparation

The cricketers on the Bowlfit App are receiving their progressive program each week, which gives you every warm-up, strength, flexibility, speed and aerobic session and bowling program for each week to have you firing at the seasons beginning and maintain during the season. Keep up the good work.

For those not subscribed to this exceptionally cheap personalised resource you should be completing a few sessions other than those your local club is providing.



  • You should be bowling at least 2-3 x per week at this stage
  • Increase you’re intensity by no more than 10% each week. Ie if you were bowling off ¾ of a run up last week at 70% effort, increase to 80% next week.
  • Increase the volume of balls bowled by no more than 10-20% each week
  • The best way to record bowling loads and receive your bowling program is through the Bowlfit App, if not get yourself a diary and start recording all bowling sessions done and the intensity and number of balls bowled or time bowling.
  • Remember you may need to bowl 20 overs in the first match of the season, so you need to be building your bowling to be able to maintain pace and help reduce the risk of injury once matches start.

All Cricketers

  • For best performance you should be completing a specific strength, stability program and specific conditioning program each week along side your cricket training. Once again this is all provided by the bowllfit app, which is cricket specific not just for bowlers.
  • One conditioning session per week should be based around speed, including cricket specific movements, running between wickets and change of direction speed.
  • One aerobic intervals session per week. If running stay on the grass or trail, absolutely no road or concrete running as this increases the risk of injury and is not the specific surface cricketers compete on. An example would be 4-5 x 4min effort runs (80-90%) with 1-2mins recovery between reps.

For more information, or to subscribe, visit the Bowlfit website.