Training through a Global Pandemic

5th April 2020

All things considered, we fully support the recent Government restrictions which aim to slow the spread of the COVID19 virus. 

Jock Athletic is taking a really positive view to these changes, as it has helped us to adapt and get creative with how we plan, implement and interact with all our members, both here and abroad. We've taken the lead from our athletes, who amongst other things, have had their training, racing and Olympic hopes dashed at the peak of their respective seasons. They have remained upbeat, strong and determined to stay fit and active through it all. We're so proud of their attitude towards this disruption and their positivity within the squad. 

Our running and strength sessions have transitioned quickly to virtual LIVE sessions, which have been really successful and a lot of fun, and our members have adapted quickly. Not only do they still get personal attention with their own individual programs, but they still get the benefit of interaction with the whole squad. 

As we transitioned, we closed the door to new members so we could focus on those within the squad. As we have settled into this 'New World', we are welcoming new members to come onboard.

Try us out.

You'll love it. 

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