Altitude Camp 2019

14th December 2019

JA Altitude Camp 2019​

Jock Athletic is again hosting its annual Altitude Training Camp for athletes from all sporting disciplines to accommodate their preparation for upcoming state & national titles or the competition season in their chosen sport. 

For most of them, this camp represents an opportunity to train like an elite athlete: train with no distractions, as well as focus on recovery and be educated on the right nutrition for training and competition. 

What is included in the training?

  • Fitness testing and athlete screening, to assist in injury prevention
  • Structured training sessions most days, with an emphasis on running and technique
  • Dedicated recovery sessions
  • Strength & flexibilty sessions
  • Nutritional guidance for training, competition and recovery
  • Seminar and practical sessions on the latest science and elite practices in speeding up the recovery proces

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