High Performance Training Academy

The High Performance Training Academy is for athletes of all standards who are committed to achieving their sporting and athletic goals. Our members range from Olympic & professional athletes, runners, cricketers, surf ironmen, triathletes, cross country and middle distance runners, sprinters, surfers, junior up-and-comers to masters. We have it all covered.

What is Athlete High Performance?

It's the synergy of all areas an athlete needs to help them achieve their potential. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Coaching
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Periodised training plan
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Sciences
  • Sports Medicine
  • Athlete pathways
  • Facilities & equipment
  • Competition planning
  • Management

What does Jock Athletic provide?

Jock Athletic pulls together all of these areas to create, implement, drive and sustain a structured periodised athlete plan that encompasses all areas of elite athlete best practice. Our academy physically prepares athletes from all sports to be their best, whether you need to increase your speed, agility, aerobic condition, etc.

Our athletes are trained and coached by highly-credentialed strength & conditioning coaches. We work with our allied high performance professionals to cover areas outside of our expertise when required, e.g.  Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists.

Our Programs

Our High Performance Academy includes both gym-based programs and running programs to suit the individual athlete.