Altitude Training Camp

Jock Athletic is again hosting its annual Altitude Training Camp for athletes from all sporting disciplines to accommodate their preparation for upcoming state & national titles or the competition season in their chosen sport. 

For most of them, this camp represents an opportunity to train like an elite athlete: train with no distractions, as well as focus on recovery and be educated on the right nutrition for training and competition. 

The camp will be headed by Jock Campbell, Jock Athletic's High Performance Director.


Who is it for?

Our altitude training camp is for any athlete, amatuer or professional, wanting to learn and participate i a high performance environment, just like the pro's do. You will gain the benefits of training like a professional athlete for 1-2 weeks as well as take home this new knowlegede to implement in your own programs going forward. We have a number of atheltes from a range of different sports, including runners, swimmers, cricketers, surf life saving athletes, triathletes, cyclists and more. 

What is included in the training?

  • Fitness testing and athlete screening, to assist in injury prevention
  • Structured training sessions most days, with an emphasis on running and technique
  • Dedicated recovery sessions
  • Strength & flexibilty sessions
  • Nutritional guidance for training, competition and recovery
  • Seminar and practical sessions on the latest science and elite practices in speeding up the recovery process

Benefits to the Athlete

  • Athlete Screening & Testing
  • Identification of key areas for improvement for injury prevention and performance enhancement
  • Individualised & periodised gym program, including hip, core and shoulder stability
  • Running technical analysis and methods for improvement + more. 

Altitude Training Camp 2019

CAMP DATES:          14-23 December 2019

 LOCATION:             Thredbo, Snowy Mountains NSW

For full details, including pricing and inclusions, dowload our INFO PACK

Altitude: What & Why

In sport science we always talk about living high (at altitude), and training low (sea level) as being the best option to get the best benefits of altitude. Why? Because you get the physical adaptations of living at altitude where there is less oxygen in the air so your body fights hard to create better systems to use the limited oxygen, but by training low there is no reduction in the amount, intensity or speed of training you currently do. i.e. you get physical improvement of your energy systems without any disruptions to training. This is tough to do unless you have a helicopter, great funding and a lot of time.

Several of the top athletes around the world attend training camps at altitude, amateurs in Australia have limited options. Living at Thredbo, training up at 1400m+, is one of the best and most economical options for athletes in Australia.

About Altitude

  • Thredbo ranges from 1400m+ & considered low to moderate altitude
  • The maximum benefit of altitude training usually last for 2-3 weeks with benefits however stretching out to 4 weeks.
  • Physiological improvements come mostly through an increase in red blood cell production & increase blood concentration of oxygen carrying cells stimulated by lower levels of oxygen in the air at altitude (hypoxic air)
  • This leads to increased endurance during exercise
  • Potential improvements in running economy and more efficient waste product buffering within the muscles have also been shown