Training Camp - Bundanoon

Training Camp - Bundanoon 2019

In October 2019, Jock Athletic is hosting a training camp in the NSW Southern Highlands. Targeted at all athletes, it also caters for  HSC, IB and Uni students, to provide a combined study and exercise program that delivers the ideal physical and mental wellbeing required for study and concentration, free from the distractions students face while studying at home. 

The ultimate pre-exam prep that any student could ask for !

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Who is it for?

For those who love to train, to those who love to study, from amateur to elite athletes and those who need an outlet for their stress or just want to remove all distractions. It’s for anyone wanting to learn about how the balance of training, study and rest/recovery can improve your learning and therefore your overall grades. 

You will gain the benefits of training at altitude, as well as learning from the other athletes around you when it comes to study time. From this camp, you will take home the knowledge learnt about balance and can continue to work towards your upcoming exams, with less stress and more focus. Typically, this camp includes students from a range of abilities, sports, schools and universities. Most importantly, this camp will be great, fun, inclusive and rewarding.


What is included?

  • Dedicated study sessions, min. 6 hours per day
  • Accomodation & designated study areas.
  • Fitness testing and health screening
  • Structured fitness sessions for all fitness levels
  • Dedicated recovery sessions and strategies
  • Dinner provided each night
  • Nutritional guidance for brain power, sleep and recovery.


What are the benefits?

  • A week to solely focus on yourself and your study, with no distractions.
  • Nutritional education, support & rest
  • Improved aerobic conditioning due to the effects of training at altitude
  • Take-Home recovery and stress release techniques
  • Access to elite fitness coaches and mentors
  • Swap notes and ideas with fellow students in a positive environment
  • Alcohol and drug-free


Altitude: What & Why

Bundanoon is situation 2205 ft above sea level. 

In sport science we always talk about living high (at altitude), and training low (sea level) as being the best option to get the best benefits of altitude. Why? Because you get the physical adaptations of living at altitude where there is less oxygen in the air so your body fights hard to create better systems to use the limited oxygen, but by training low there is no reduction in the amount, intensity or speed of training you currently do. i.e. you get physical improvement of your energy systems without any disruptions to training. 

Several of the top athletes around the world attend training camps at altitude.


Camp Details

Camp Dates:         7th - 11th October 2019 (4 nights)
Location:                Bundanoon, NSW Southern Highlands

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