Wellings fires on all cylinders in 5K final

19th April 2018

At the Commonwealth Games, an incredible display of sportsmanship has further endeared local hero Elzy Wellings to the JA community and the rest of Australia. After a hard-fought 16th in the 10,000m race, Wellings waited with fellow Aussies Celia Sullohern and Madeline Hills to cheer on last finisher Lineo Chaka from Lesotho, as the rest of the runners filed off the track. The online response from this simple action shows not only how important our athlete role models are to young children but also how easily their actions can teach us how aspiring athletes should aim to conduct themselves. Wellings went on to finish 8th in the 5000m race just 5 days later. In itself this is a great achievement, but to back up and improve 8 places from the 10,000m results again shows us what an athlete she is.

Well done Elzy, we are all so proud of how you represent us.

To Cross Country results, and well done to our most recent cross country runners who have progressed to Zone level.

Isla Lawson won her age group at school level.

Elody Lawson came 5th and has also progressed to Zone.

Special mention to Toby Lawson  who has been killing it at training and came away with an 18th place at school cross country.

Keep up the good work and stay posted for more results to come!

Photo: http://www.sportingnews.com/au/athletics/news/commonwealth-games-2018-australian-runners-all-class-after-10000m/15k7ztb554uxi1ra2hbghit0le