Cricket High Performance

Jock Campbell is an expert on elite Cricket High Performance.

From his experience working with cricket athletes and professional cricket teams, including the Australian Cricket Team (2000-2005 - The Golden Period) and the NSW Cricket Team, Jock understands every aspect of cricket high performance, from the importance of the right pre-season preparation for peak physical performance to reducing the risk of injury, to aerobic conditioning, speed work for cricket,  bowling workloads , recovery, rehabilitation and return to cricket from injury, as well as the nutritional demands of the sport. 

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Our Cricket High Performance program focuses on 2 key factors:

  1. Injury Prevention
  2. Maximising Physical Performance for cricket

All cricket athletes undergo a 1hr testing and screening session to help identify the athlete's strengths as well as the areas that need the most improvement. This session includes:

  • Screening for previous injuries/health issues
  • Specific flexibility
  • Core strength, hip and shoulder stability
  • Overall training & competition physical workloads
  • Proposed bowling workload
  • Body composition
  • Aerobic condition
  • Speed & Speed technique
  • Goal setting & training recommendations
  • Posture and growth spurts

For young fast bowlers, the important aspect of preparation is to reduce injury incidence, as well as improve bowling speed and condition, something often overlooked or not well understood. This would also be suitable for any senior or junior grade bowlers. 

We work with our allied high performance professionals to cover areas outside of our expertise when required, e.g.  Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists.


Jock Athletic can provide fitness screening and cricket conditioning programs for cricket clubs as a whole, for their individual grade teams or for a select group of atheltes identified by the club itself. Training can be conducted at the Jock Athletic gym facility or at the cricket club's own high peformance centre. 

Jock Athletic is currently working with Sutherland District Cricket Club, St George Cricket Club and Bankstown Cricket Club to prepare their first grade bowlers for the 2020/21 season.