Gym Based Programs

Jock Athletic provides specific periodised high performance gym programs for athletes from all sports that encompass all aspects of physical performance specific to the goals, sport and individual needs of the athlete. We put the overall plan together, including:

  • Indvidualised plans and programs
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Speed training & running technique
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Flexibility programs (static & functional)
  • Yearly, periodised plans
  • Prehab, intro, strength, hypertrophy or power programs
  • Injury Prevention (from likely injuries in your sport)
  • Rehabilitation of injury
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery techniques
  • Junior Weights readiness program

Initial Consultation & Assessment:

Each athlete will undergo a 1hr fitness assessment and screening to determine their training goals, ascertain their current training and competition schedule, determine any pre-existing injuries and medical conditions, as well as determine their current fitness level based on a range of fitness tests, depending on their sport. This will form the basis of their first program.

Regular Gym Sessions:

Once equipped with a program, our athletes have the option to training regularly in house at the Jock Athletic High Performance facility, under the strict supervision of our expert coaches, or externally, at their own local gym.

For interstate and overseas athletes, please refer to our Satellite Athlete program.

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