Junior Strength & Pre-Weights Programs

Before juniors start lifting significant weight, they need excellent technique schooling in all basic body movements and stability control. Junior Pre-Weights teaches correct lifting technique in 12 key movements and develops exceptional postural control around the shoulders, hips and core. We call it Prehabilitation, or Prehab.

WHO is it for?  
This program is for Juniors (10-14yrs) who have no resistance training experience. It is ideal for athletes from all sporting disciplines.

This program is designed to prevent injury, rehab existing injuries and to prepare the young athlete for safe strength and power gains.

The program runs the length of each school term, generally for 10 weeks, twice per week.

Program Details:

Starts          Term 2: 1 May - 3 July (10 Weeks)

Includes:   - 1 gym session per week
              - Fitness testing at the start and end of the program to track progression
                    - An athlete report at the end of Term
                    - A training singlet

When:       Wednesday, 5:45pm, 1hr session

Where:     Miranda. Location TBA

RECOMMENDATIONS: We recommend athletes train 2-days per week for entire program. If the junior athletes pass the 12 competencies at the end of the program, they can progress to individualised programs. If you're interested in training twice per week, please let us know. An additional weekly Junior Weights session will be scheduled if there is enough interest.