Cross Country Program


With the cross country season fast approaching, start your preparation early with Jock Athletic’s 2020 Cross Country Running Program! Sign up to improve all aspects of your fitness, and to give yourself the best chance at maximising performance and results. Through our X-Country Running sessions our main focus includes:

  • Technique
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Hills training
  • Injury Prevention

Starting February 3rd, the 10-week Cross Country Program is suitable for athletes from a wide range of sporting disciplines, including soccer, rugby league, surf lifesaving and more! All fitness levels and abilities are welcome and catered for in our sessions.



When: Choose from up to 9 running and 6 gym sessions per week + 1 FREE Saturday sandhills session

Where: Dependent on sessions – vary between Wanda and Sylvania Athletics Track. See our current Timteable for more details.

Who: All abilities welcome, ages 10+

Timeframe: 10-weeks, with initial testing starting February 3rd

Cost: Dependent on sessions – contact us for more information*

* All fees payable monthly in advance.


Initial screening and testing: Assessment
This assessment will allow us to review your running technique, flexibility and strength, as well as gather some simple testing data as a starting point for your program. This gives us the opportunity to chat to you about your long and short term goals in sport, injury history, competition dates and training workload. The assessment includes:

  • Jock Athletic running singlet
  • Report
  • Discounts at Runnulla and Nuzest


For the serious athlete: Strength training

To maximise your running potential, all runners should also include strength training in their overall program. This will provide core, glute and hip stability which are needed for stride efficiency, strength and power for running. See our Gym Program for more details.