JA Kids Clinic

Jock Athletic Kidz Clinic

Come join our School Holiday Run Clinic. The clinic will run during the school holidays and is for all 'Kidz' aged 5-12. Incorporating a mix of fundamental running skills, speed, endurance and of course games, this 3-day clinic is an excellent way to get your little ones out of the house and active during the school break. It's designed to be a fun and welcoming environment for ALL, starting out or expereicenced, with the focus being on learning the basics of running, combined with improving their speed and skills which they can apply to other sports.


Why Sign the Kidz Up?

  • Keeps them active during the holidays
  • Allows them to learn fundamental skills that will last them a lifetime
  • A good chance for the youngsters to make some friends
  • And of course... gives Mum and Dad some free time



When: October School Holidays 2020  (Tuesday 6th  /  Wednesday 7th  /  Friday 9th)

Where: Don Lucas Reserve, Cronulla

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am 

Cost: $65 per day  /  $150 for 3 days     (Nuzest & Hydralyte Pack included)   

What to Bring: hat, sunscreen, water, snack     (there will be a half an hour snack break)


To show your interest in the program, please email us at info@jockathletic.com