Surf Life Saving High Performance

Jock Athletic has over 20 years experience training surf life saving athletes in all forms, including beach runners and sprinters, flaggers, board paddlers, swimmers, ironmen and ironwomen, and our high performance training program has produced State, Australian and World Champion Gold medalists in all forms of the sport. 

Like all new athletes in our academy, surf life saving athletes will undergo a 1hr testing and screening session to help identify the athlete's strengths as well as the areas that need the most improvement. Depending on their chosen sport, the athletes will be programmed in their specific sport in areas including:

  • Goal setting, needs analysis & periodisation of athletes full program
  • Specific individualised Strength and Power weights programs and supervision
  • Sand running for endurance 2km runners, ironmen etc.
  • Speed training for beach sprinters, flaggers, water athletes starts, finishes, 
  • Prehab & Rehab programs
  • Recovery plans and sessions
  • Athlete pathways from junior to elite 

Our surf life saving program caters for athletes from 8yo nippers to masters, as well as those training for endurance events including the Coolangatta Gold. 

To be the best, there is no off-season.  For Surf Life Saving Competition, training needs to start at the end of April or May for those wishing to be successful in their events.

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