Glasgow 2014: It’s Not About the Tracksuit.

31st July 2014

By Eloise Wellings

Ask me what I think about the team uniform for Glasgow 2014 and I'll tell you I don't mind at all. This is my third Commonwealth Games and the attitude is the same now as it was from the beginning. To quote my coach Nic Bideau, "we're not in it for the track suit!" I'd run in a brown paper bag if it represented the same honour of running for Australia. I can be pretty sure my main rivals, the Kenyans, aren't moaning about the giant lapels on their team jackets or the shade of green on their team jumper. Australia's team uniform wasn't the only one to come under the criticisms of the "Trinny and Suzzanna's"of the world, and probably rightly so. Host nation Scotland would be a good one to swap team kit with, if you were after a picnic blanket that doubles as a kilt. Anyway, they'll wear that blanky with pride I'm sure. You have to, it's like your armour for war.

As I write this we are just 8 days out from the Opening ceremony. I'm on a train to a 5k track race in Liege, Belgium as part of my preparation . I've just completed 2 weeks of altitude training in the beautiful Swiss ski town of St Moritz. It was about my 6th time to St Moritz and even after experiencing it 6 times previously, still I'm in absolute awe of the raw beauty of the mountains and the lakes, running is hard at 1,876m but in St Moritz it's a pleasure. (Eloise has since run that race in Belgium and posted a 15:17 in the 5km, her best time since 2006.)

A typical day in St Moritz goes a little something likes this:

5:30-6:00am: India cries out so I'd go get her up and hang out in the lounge room playing and having breakfast. Jony and I take it in turns taking this early shift so the other can sleep in.
8:00am: I start prepping for training- dynamic stretching, foam rolling and core work to switch on all the intrinsic muscles.
9:30am: Indi is back to bed and I go training- anywhere between 14km's and 26km's of running either on the track or the trails depending on what has been set for the day
11:30am: ice bath in the lake for 15 minutes.
Midday: home for lunch and family time.
4:30pm: gym lifting session- I kept it quite light on the legs whilst in St Moritz because the hills on the trails were enough strength work so I needed to adjust what I was doing in the gym. Jock had me doing 1-2 sets on leg exercises instead of the normal 3-4 and normal arms on Jock's program and some core work that my brother Lindsay coaches me on.
5:30pm: recovery run up to 8km's (depending on what I'd done that morning).
6:00pm: ice bath in the lake again.
6:30pm: home for dinner, bath, bottle, bed (for Indi).

I am missing my Jock Athletic training group! Hope everyone is doing great, thanks for all of your words of encouragement over the past weeks/months. I'll be carrying your words with me to the line in Glasgow! 

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Eloise Wellings is an Olympic 10,000m and 5,000m track athlete, having represented Australia at the London Olympic Games. El is also the co-founder of the Love Mercy Foundion. To keep up to date with El, You can follow her on twitter or Facebook.  To learn more about the Love Mercy Foundation, visit

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