Jock Athletic riding for rare diseases

30th October 2015

By Jock Campbell

I was talking to Steve about what he had coming up for the his Foundation (The Steve Waugh Foundation) as Melissa and I and Jock Athletic have helped at all his events where we can. He said we maybe doing a bike ride, I said beauty, I'm in. His response was "it's a long way, Sydney to Byron Bay, it's a big commitment" and I said to him if you can do it, surely I can, so in 1 second I was in. 

What these local Cricket stars do, Glenn, Steve and Ricky to raise money for those in need is fantastic, so I will help however I can, and I've done dinners, walks, coaching clinics, so finally a physical challenge. Mel's doing it as well, Steve, and then all of the sudden Mel and I were on the organising committee, not knowing much about cycling, well, we've learnt fast. 

There's around 65 riders coming and we've also roped in a few other locals, Anthony Peridis owner of Splash Tapas bar, despite having twins only 3 months ago has somehow managed to convince his wife it's a good idea for him to ride, local retired ocean swimmer Sean O’Donaghue is doing one day, Nicole Bramah is riding like a machine and has been a trojan with the fundraising and has the most consistent hand gestures on the bike of all time. Lawyer and Ultra runner David Jones who can run 100km in a day is another that took 30 seconds to decide to come on the ride and Police Inspector Brian Yates who has done several of these rides has actually just been appointed Tour Peloton Captain, whatever that means.

We have an amazing set up with all the support staff also volunteers and a big local contingent with current NSW Rugby League Chief medical officer Doc Givney being our Doc on Tour. He asked me what to bring, I told him several tall cups full of cement to harden us up, we also have top sports physio Ciaran Williams, Sports massage therapist Sunni Hughes and Jock athletic's own dietician Dee McCarthy. It's fantastic that these professionals have given up a week of their time to help for such a great cause, and we also must thank our great mate and local physio Errol "Hooter" Alcott for getting Steve and I to the start line, it was a challenge for him.

All the riders have to try and raise $10000 dollars for the cause which is to help children and young adults living with a rare disease, who would otherwise have no where to turn. The real cudos has to be given to Steve and his wife Lynette, who for 10 years have been working full time as volunteers within their charity for such a great cause - they put their heart and soul into it.

And now Melissa has grabbed this bike ride by the "saddle' and has been working around the clock to get it organised, it's 900km in 6 days starting November 1-6.  This ride is already filling up for next year, as it's planned for the next several years. The ride will be great fun, an awesome experience and will make a huge difference to many in need and we can't wait.

To donate to the ride go to