Jock Athletic Trainer profile Zane Campbell - Speed Coach

11th August 2015

Jock Athletic Trainer Profile: Zane Campbell- Speed Coach    

JA: What is your background and how did you get involved with JA?

ZC: My Sporting background involved playing Rugby League for Cronulla u/19’s, U/21’s & Reserve grade for St George (all a long time ago), Oztag representing Cronulla, NSW & Australia, Beach Sprinter representing Wanda, NSW & Australia & I also dabbled in the 2 man bobsleigh for a season. I’ve known Jock since he was our strength & conditioning coach at Cronulla Rugby League club & he was also my coach throughout my sprinting career. I’ve been the speed coach at Jock Athletic since its inception.                 

JA: What is your sport of choice and why?

ZC: Rugby League but I’m a big horse racing fan as well, I’m the photo finish Judge at Kembla Grange racecourse             

JA: Who has been your biggest inspiration in the sporting world and why?

ZC; No one in particular, but whenever an Aussie did well at any sport always inspired me.

JA: How would you describe the atmosphere at JA?

ZC: Fun

JA: What do you enjoy most about working for JA?

ZC: Seeing young athletes taking advice & putting it to practice & most of all seeing the smiles on all of their faces when they are training.                                                                                                        

JA: What is the most challenging aspect of training athletes?

ZC: Getting athletes to focus when focus is needed & also getting the ultra competitive athletes to learn how to go a certain speed/effort when running alongside each other.                                                                 

JA: Tell us about your own training, what does a typical week look like?

ZC: Since my wife gave birth to our Son 12 weeks ago my training consists of a 15 minute jog on a Saturday morning if I’m lucky. It’s sad, my pants are getting tight!                                                                       

JA: What are your secrets to sticking to a training program?

ZC: When I was competing I was always focused on my goal of winning the Australian beach sprint title & knowing that my competition were training hard for the same title. That would always make me carry out my training program.            

JA: What is your favourite session and why?

ZC: I enjoyed the gym, knowing that as every year passed by, that year in the gym was making me stronger & faster!               

JA: What do you do when you are not training or taking JA sessions?

ZC: Like most fathers, working & spending time with my family.                               

JA: Your favourite motivational saying?

ZC: I played junior footy for the mighty Como-Jannali & their moto is “nothing great is achieved without enthusiasm” I think that applies to everything you do.