Meet Hayden Blair

23rd June 2015

JA: Who is Hayden Blair?
HB: I am 29 year old male from the south coast town of Mollymook, but have been living in Cronulla for the the past 5 years.

JA: What is your sport of choice?
HB: Surfing.

JA: What is/was your specialist discipline?
HB: The love of the sport, the thrill of surfing waves, there is no better feeling.

JA: You recently represented Australia at the World Amateur Surfing Games, can you tell us more about that?
HB: I had to compete in the NSW State Tittles to qualify for the Australian Tittles in Coffs harbour where i gained a 3rd place finish (only selected the top four) which allowed me to qualify for the World Tittles in Peru South America. It was a self funded trip, I had a great time in Peru such a nice country great food welcoming people. I ended up coming 8th overall out of the 90 odd surfers from 32 countries who competed.

JA: What has been the highlight of your career so far?
HB: My highlight would have to be the honour competing for my country for sure.

JA: What’s the toughest event or sporting achievement you’ve ever done?
HB: I would have to say competing in the Australian titles and the World titles.

JA: What’s your favorite training session and what does it involve?
HBI love training and feeling fit, but i would have to say just surfing - spending that time in the water. If you're not surf fit then it makes it a lot harder to compete.

JA: How many training sessions do you do per week & the breakdown?
HB: It was hard juggling it with my work, as i work shift work. Jocks Gym training sessions were early for me as i was finishing late at work and getting up early twice a week. I would do two morning gym sessions a week, 1 swimming session a week and would still surf 2-3 hours a day before i would start work.

JA: How do you fit all that in, do you work as well?
HB: It was hard at times thats for sure, my work really took it out of me, I would work the afternoon shift and not get to bed until 1.30am, and be up at 6.00am getting ready to go to the gym and start the day. I guess the desire to do well in Peru it was on my minds months before.

A: What are your secrets to sticking to a training program?
HB: Secrets to sticking to training: you gotta love it and wanna achieve your goals, also having your body in tune - it feels amazing.

JA: What’s your best excuse for not sticking to a training program?
HB: Being really sore trying to surf the next day and having no sleep from work the night before.

JA: What’s your most dreaded training session (details) and why?
HB: Friday mornings!  End of the week, late night/early morning and i would have to go running. I hate running (laughs). 

JA: What’s your next big challenge?
HB: To stay fit and feeling comfortable in big waves. I have a huge love for big waves! Also to compete in a few WQS (world qualify series) Australian events in 2015.

JA: Who has been your biggest inspiration in the sporting world (why?)?
HB: I would have to say Shane Dorian. He is the man - the guy has a screw loose in his head. He is 42 years of age and is pushing the boundaries still in the big waves scene, the guy is so fit, paddling in the biggest waves all around the world at the moment. He has total control of his body.

JA: Your favorite motivational saying?
HB: I am NOT going to lose!