Meet Holly Hawtin

9th December 2015

JA: Who is Holly Hawtin?

HH: I’m a 32 year old mother of four (2 children and 2 dogs). I hold 3 degrees Bach of PDHPE teaching, Masters in exercise and sports science and a Masters of physiotherapy (consequently a HUGE HECS debit!). I currently work at Calvary hospital as a rehabilitation physiotherapist.

I have a varied sporting background including throws (athletics), sprint swimming and competition tennis. At the age of 15 I took up water polo, I played for ten years and was lucky enough to represent my state and country at school, university and open level. I captained my national league team for 3 years and played 200 games. I even managed to get an NSWIS scholarship and attend camps at the AIS. In 2008 a hip injury ended my water polo career, wanting to still be competitive I took up rowing and rowed light weight skulls and sweep boats. Finding it excruciatingly hard to stay at 57kg and having just started full time work, I took a training hiatus.

After the birth of my daughter at 28, I took up road cycling to keep fit. Keeping fit was not enough after a while and I yearned for competition so I started racing and have since raced state titles and some road tours as part of the national road series.

This year (mid-September) I got asked to try out for the AIS sports draft to transfer into either track cycling or judo, not knowing how to prepare for the tests properly and having a bad year with illness and injury I had a friend recommend that I go see Jock. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in this attempt but plan to pursue the sports regardless, with the goal of competing at the elite level again.

In my spare time I love to eat and spend time with my family and friends. I love being outdoors and meeting new and interesting people. For me competing is about teaching my children how to be disciplined, have an active and healthy lifestyle but most of all have fun. My aspirations for the future are to be the best athlete I can be.

JA: What is/are your sport(s) of choice?

HH: Cycling

JA: What is/was your specialist discipline?

HH: Soon to be Track cycling sprint

JA: You represented Australia at Water Polo, can you tell us more about that?

HH: I represented Australia at University level. I toured the USA with the Australian University team and played a number of tournaments throughout the USA. I was the top goal scorer for the tour.
I also captained (with UNSW water polo) a test against the Chinese national team- which we won!!
At school level I toured south Africa

JA: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

HH: Scoring the winning goal with my club team against the Chinese national team in the last 30 seconds of the game.
Also, winning the national all schools with the NSW team in Victoria after Queensland had been dominant the previous 3 years.

JA: What’s the toughest event you’ve ever done?

HH: Cycling tour of bright- Climbing mount Hotham after climbing Tawonga gap the day before.

JA: What’s your favorite training session and what does it involve?

HH: Sandhills - it involves pain. Lots of pain! The culture is what makes it a very special session. Everyone looks after and encourages each other no matter the level of ability

JA: How many training sessions do you do per week & the breakdown?

HH: 6 sessions a week- 2 weights, sandhills, a Sunday long ride 60-100km, a recovery ride and a trainer interval ride

JA: How do you fit all that in, do you work as well – please explain?

HH: With a very understanding partner and boss!!!
Pre planning and preparing food on weekends and afternoons I don’t train
Excepting that occasionally through poor sleep or events with the children that I may miss a session or if I can do a modified/ shorter version on that day.
Being diligent with recovery and sleep.

JA: What are your secrets to sticking to a training program?

HH: Make training a habit and a big part of your daily routine, then it is hard to miss a session
The older I get the more I realize recovery and flexibility is important. I listen more to my body these days (after 25 recovery gets harder!), if my body is telling me to miss a session I negotiate with my coach and take it off. At the end of the day it is about the big picture, go you’re hardest in key sessions and recover/ rest when your body tells you to do so.

JA: What’s your best excuse for not sticking to a training program?

HH: Children! Teething, concerts, waking up at nights certainly throw a curve ball.

JA: What’s your most dreaded training session (details) and why?

HH: Sandhills- because I’m not built to run, they are hard and I’m heavy haha

JA: What’s your next big challenge?

HH: Crossing over into track sprinting. Have State track coming up end of Jan early feb.

JA: Who has been your biggest inspiration in the sporting world (why?)?

HH: My biggest inspiration (although they are not from the sporting world) has always been my family. For better or worse they are the voice inside my head willing me to do better. Plus they allow me the time and are patient with me while I pursue my dreams.
This year my inspiration has come from all of the athletes I have seen train and achieve great things at Jock athletic, seeing people improve creates a culture of excellence which is infectious and motivates you to strive and work harder.

JA: Your favorite motivational saying?

HH: The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights - Muhammad Ali