Mitch Brown

11th November 2014

JA: Who is Mitch Brown?

A person that enjoys his golf + Surfing, plays a bit of Cricket when I have to. Works full time as a Project Marketer.

JA: What is your sport of choice?


JA: What is your specialist discipline?

All Rounder

JA: You spent a few seasons playing in Queensland, can you tell us more about this?

Won’t be going back to Brisbane to live for a while that’s for sure. Cricket was great! Good standard just wanted a change when I was younger hence the move and eventually came back to Cronulla 4 years ago to settle down.

JA: Has your sport taken you overseas at all?

I played two seasons in the UK, one in Yorkshire and the other in Edinburgh. Great experience had one good season in Edinburgh and a not so good season in Yorkshire. Both very good places to go visit/play Cricket.

JA: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Maiden First Grade Century (yes Jock I do have one!) and winning a few premierships along my grade career.

JA: What’s the toughest event or sporting achievement you’ve ever done?

Throwing a Javelin at state level when I was at school was a tough sporting event. The whole athletics thing I found to be very nerve racking- wasn’t for me.

JA: What’s your favorite training session and what does it involve?

Definitely Gym, good chance to bring Jock back down to reality after hanging with the sporting stars.  Also, to listen to him constantly name drop all time. I have timed Jock on this before with a new member of JA Gym, took a whole 2 minutes for Jock to name drop during their assessment which was a new Record. Beat his previous PB by one Minute.

JA: How many training sessions do you do per week & the breakdown?

3 sessions a week. I do JA running session every Monday afternoon which consist of 1-2k interval runs and sprints at the end. I also do 2 sessions a week at Jocks contemporary Gym.

JA: How do you fit all that in, do you work as well – please explain?

The JA  time table gives me enough opportunity to train outside work hours, even if I miss a session can always make one up easily later in the week.

JA: What are your secrets to sticking to a training program?

Every session is really fun and enjoyable this is why I stick to the Training Program. When Littles fills in for Jock while he is away the sessions are really good & organised as well. 

JA: What’s your best excuse for not sticking to a training program?

Surf too good or work being too busy

JA: What’s your most dreaded training session (details) and why?

Running sessions I always dread, I don’t think Jock has any mercy during these sessions. However this is what makes it so good, he is always pushing you to improve and beat previous times.

JA: What’s your next big challenge?

Scoring consistent 100’s in 1st grade and winning a 1st grade flag with Sutherland would be the ultimate challenge. 

JA: Who has been your biggest inspiration in the sporting world (why?)?

Mick Fanning. Unreal athlete has gone through a lot of highs and lows to get to where he is today. Has won 3 world titles with hopefully a 4th to come very soon.

JA: Your favorite motivational saying?

I don’t have one. I am sure Jock would have a few of his own- might ask him at the next JA session.