Nationals/domestic season wrap up.

9th May 2014

By Eloise Wellings

A satisfying second place at Nationals last month wrapped up my domestic season and all but named me in the Commonwealth Games team for Glasgow this July. Second place doesn't get the luxury of finding out right away if you've been selected, you have to wait and sweat it out until the full team is announced on 2nd June. We're celebrating anyway - we're celebrating a good solid season back on my return "post partum", "post partum sounds like a very clinical way to describe the most wonderful thing that has happened in Jony and my's life... but "post partum" is fun to say what with all the "p's"- say it out aloud and enjoy for yourself. The gift that ‘post partum’ delivered 10 months ago is our little India Rose, she's strong, determined and to quote Shakespeare "though she be but little, she is fierce". She keeps me grounded, ain't nobody got time to think about self now...let alone time to take a selfie. I suffered mild embarrassment recently when I only shaved one leg for the physio... The leg that I wanted my phys to work on. Ain't nobody got time to shave both legs with Indi screaming and banging on the shower screen door. The decision to leave one leg until later seemed innocent enough until  I gets up on the phys table and my physio, who we call Hooter, starts working on my unshaven leg so he can "compare the calf tightness in both". He noted the extra fur straight away. Whatevs. A little goatie around the ankle and ant farm up the leg never hurt anybody. #mumlife.

Anyway, we had a blast at Nationals in Melbourne last weekend. I woke up race day with my business face on, pretty much my normal face but less willing to show my dentures... You know, harder to make me lol or LMAO or LOLWUSS (laugh out loud with unintentional snort sound). It was business day, but I knew it was to be a good day, don't get me wrong, 1st place would have been perfect but 2nd was good too.  I was pumped up before leaving the hotel. Jony had uploaded that scene from Braveheart, set in Scotland (quite appropriate I thought given the venue of the commonwealth games) in the 13th century, we watched the scene where William Wallace makes that epic speech,  inspiring his countrymen to fight for Scottish independence after many years of tyranny under English rule. Sufficiently inspired, the take home, or in my case- take to the track- message- if you want something bad enough, you're gonna need to fight for it.

I knew it was to be a good day. Soon after this, I was meandering around the warm up track, going through the motions, jigging about, getting warm I guess, when I noticed that my fringe was really irritating me. Not wanting to have those annoying strands of hair fluffing about in my face during the race, I quietly, and, you might say creepily, scanned the scalps of a few other female athletes standing nearby, hoping that they'd have an accessory of sorts that I could borrow to keep my hairs in line for the race. I'd just about given up hope and just as I looked away from scanning Sally Pearson's, fast, accessory free "do", I looked down at the ground and there, glistening in the afternoon sun, was a bobby pin. I bent down, picked it up, and momentarily revealed my dentures before returning to business face, nodding my head. I knew it was to be a good day.

Standing on the start line I could hear Indi crying in the stands on the back straight, the race start time was 2.40pm... The middle of her usual afternoon naptime. The nerve of Athletics Australia! So as I stood on the start line and listened to her cry I had a ‘let down’ and pondered that I wasn't wearing any breast pads. #lactatinglife

She was still crying as I went around in lap 9 of the race, I remember thinking, "it's incentive to get to the finish line faster". So I went for it, with about 500m to go I dropped the hammer as fast as I could and tried to escape the rest of the field. My good friend Emily Brichacek held on and edged past me in the finishing straight as a family of bears jumped on my back and I morphed into the stride of a newborn donkey. Crossing the line I was pleased with how I raced, pleased with the result and pleased for Em as I've watched her go through the same ups and downs as a junior as me and I remember how special making my first Commonwealth Games team was back in 2006. Jony and Indi were at the fence behind the finish line. She'd stopped crying. I love that she doesn't care what's happening, doesn't know what's going on, her obliviousness helps me relax and keeps things in perspective. Insert dentures here.

The week after nationals is always an easier one training wise, easy running with Indi in our beloved BOB ironman running pram- which actually goes as well on the beach as it does on the road! And a week easy always involves taking a more relaxed approach to diet re eating my weight most nights in Messina icecream. By the time the week is up I'm usually champing at the bit to get rolling again and be back in routine, which is generally the goal of having a week or two easy. Refreshing mentally is just as important as refreshing physically so that once I get going again I'll be able to maintain the demands and intensity of training right through until the commonwealth games... Selection pending! Might send the selectors a couple of "Happy Easter" gifts...

Eloise Wellings is an Olympic 10,000m and 5,000m track athlete, having represented Australia at the London Olympic Games. El is also the co-founder of the Love Mercy Foundation. To keep up to date with El, You can follow her on twitter or facebook.  To learn more about the Love Mercy Foundation, visit

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