I first met Jock in 1999 after he was referred to me by the NSW team physiotherapist Patrick Farhart  to help me rehab an ongoing injury during the international offseason. It only took one session for Jock to realise I wasn't lazy and ego driven and I to surprisingly find he wasn't a total bore with a headmaster attitude. We instantly formed a bond of mutual respect that stands to this day. As the head Strength & Conditioning Coach during my tenure as Australian Cricket Captain, Jock had the respect of every player with his knowledge of cricket fitness as well as in his ability to strike the right balance between the dedication required to play at an elite level and the crucial element of having fun at the same time (with a fair bit of heckling thrown in for good measure - mostly in my direction). Not only has Jock been instrumental in helping me peak at my physical best during my playing career and extend it, but his support off the playing field together with his wife Mel has been unwavering, particularly with his support of the Steve Waugh Founation and of me personally. Since my retirement from professional cricket, Jock remains as one of my closest friends and confidants. I continue to train with Jock on a regular basis, which on some occasions includes more sledging and coffee-drinking than sweating. Just the way I like it.

- Steve Waugh AO, Former Australian Cricket Captain

"The cricket pre-season program with Jock Athletic encompasses all aspects of training required by a fast bowler to start the season in the best shape possible. In the years I have been completing this program, I have transformed from a medium pace 1st Grade bowler who struggled later in the day to a fast, strike bowler who can bowl 20+ overs in a day at good pace. I could not recommend anything more for cricketers looking to increase their strength, conditioning or pace"

- Tom Pinson - cricket pre-season

"Ayden's cricket performance this year has been amazing, he’s bowling around 10 overs a game (maximum) and he’s currently being groomed to captain his team which will be great for his confidence. I have attached his stats.... He has only batted twice (they have some strong batters in his team) but he’s killing it in bowling...Very grateful to JA and your team for this"

- Stephanie Kavanagh

"As a parent of a participant in the pre-season Cricket Program, I cannot praise the program highly enough. 
The trainers are highly skilled, passionate and committed to getting the very best out of each student and most importantly, our son absolutely loves it!"

- A Mothers Perspective - Diane Niu

A huge thanks to Rory, Jock and the rest of the team. I've said it before, the culture you have in your training environment is amazing and I think that Tom gets more from being in that environment than just the benefits of the physical training alone. The culture consistently promotes well-being with everyone that trains at JA and to see the impact that has had on Tom and to listen to him speak about wanting to go to training and set goals is fabulous. As for his stretching...

- Liz Vandermaal

I took part in the Pre-season Junior Fast Bowling Conditioning Program. During the initial three months, my strength and flexibility improved considerably, and I finally developed muscles my family didn’t hassle me about!! They used to call me ‘Ikea’ meaning flat-pack, but that is no longer the case!

Even though the program was aimed at preparing my body for fast bowling, I found that there was an overall improvement in all my cricket skills during the season, and so far, I have not had any injuries, whereas in the past my back often became sore.

I really liked that I was assessed at the beginning of the program and at various intervals, as I could see what I had improved in and where I needed to work on more. I liked when my program was revised as I felt like I was achieving some goals that had been set for me.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to train alongside grade cricketers and experienced athletes. And what can I say about Rory, Jock and Mel?? I loved their enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge. They have not only helped me develop the confidence to believe in the ability of my own body but also instilled in me a love of training.

- Matt Staples, Junior Fast Bowler

I have been really pleased with my results this year, and the way my cricket, and more specifically bowling has developed. These improvements and results in my mind are a direct result from the time spent in the past off season, doing the program with you and the JA staff. For this i am so thankful.

- Nathan Ellis, First Grade Bowler, St George DCC

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that joining JA has changed my life. I was fairly certain my days of competitive sport were over after retiring from swimming and surfing at the tender age of 20 due to a fierce battle with glandular fever, fatigue and depression.

The following years I tried countless attempts to get back into sport, but lacked the motivation and drive to perform at any competitive level. 

Finding JA has totally transformed the way I train physically, the way I approach training mentally, and given me a whole new network of incredible friends. I am now training for a marathon - something I never dreamed I could complete! Jock and the JA team have instilled a sense of belief within myself that I have never possessed and convinced me to take on new challenges that I would otherwise have perceived as impossible. 

Jock's genuine belief and commitment to all of his athletes, regardless of age or ability, is worth his weight in gold.

- Peta Smith, surf life saving athlete

I first encountered Jock when he was the strength and conditioning coach for the Australian Cricket Team and he was using our SKINS for performance benefits and improving the recovery of the Australian players.

After returning to Australia, I contacted Jock to ask his help in getting myself fit as I had put on a lot of weight over a long period of time. I felt uncomfortable to the point that it was not only affecting my personal life but being overweight was also affecting my business life as well. I was not as motivated as I wanted to be and my health was suffering because of it too. Over the course of 6 months, Jock helped me closely with my exercise programme and eating regime. The incredible thing regarding the food intake was how painless the process was. Ordinarily we are used to suffering in order to lose weight but Jock showed me how I could eat well and never be hungry as with most fad diets.

Apart from the regime, Jock wrote me a personal exercise programme and we met every week to monitor the progress and do a session together. Jock is the type of guy who can make these sessions enjoyable (well, as enjoyable as they can be!) and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every moment.

Because of Jock's involvement I lost 28 kgs during this 6 month period and found myself wearing clothes I never thought I would see again. I highly recommend Jock to anybody, particularly business people who have very limited time and need to utilize their limited time in the best fashion they can.

I knew that Jock will have immense success with his business, Jock Athletic and was so convinced that my company became a sponsor of his new business.

- Jaimie Fuller, CEO SKINS Compression Garments

Jock has got me leaner, fitter, faster and stronger than I have ever been. I am on a plan now that has eliminated my previous cramping problem and am now one of the fittest players in the Australian squad. Due to Jock's help and training methods I was able to score 150 in my Test Match debut in the heat and humidity of India without any signs of cramping. Jock has been an extremely positive influence on my career and I will continue to work with him in the future!

- Michael Clarke, Australian Cricket Captain